Leading Innovation
in Plastics

We invented thermoforming – and continue to provide
leadership in design and manufacturing under one roof.

GMP Certification

Plaxall has been assessed by EAGLE Food Registrations Inc. and conforms to the following Standard: EAGLE GMP Audit including HCCP Principles Scope. Plaxall is recognized by Certificate No. 10327 effective May 13, 2019 through May 12, 2020.

You can view the full certificate here.

Industries Served

Our custom plastic packaging is used in numerous industries,
including medical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and retail,
among many others. We also specialize in plastic, clamshell,
blister packaging, shipping trays and inserts.


An Industry Pioneer

Plaxall remains a leading innovator after more than 70 years in the thermoforming industry. Our designers, engineers, model makers, and machinists are highly skilled industry veterans who deliver the exacting quality your company demands. We are experts at both custom design and manufacturing custom plastic packaging. Because all stages from design through manufacturing are handled under one roof, Plaxall is able to provide customers with uninterrupted production, exacting quality and highly competitive pricing.

Plaxall Innovations:

  • Originated Pressure Forming process
  • Invented “In-Line” equipment to automatically form, trim, and stack
  • Coined “Thermoforming” to encompass both vacuum and pressure forming
  • Developed Matched Mold forming method
  • Introduced CAM-Action thermoforming tools
  • Developed Planetary Blanking (flangeless) or thermoformed parts
  • Created Slideplax package to accept slide in backing
  • Created Clamshell or Foldplax package with self-hinge
  • First to Employ “In-Line” printing and hot stamping

Custom Plastic Solutions

Founded in 1938 by Louis Pfohl, Plaxall was a pioneer in the thermoforming industry. That year, Plaxall was commissioned to produce formed plastic domes for a counter display. Through trial and error, Plaxall made the initial domes by heating plastic sheets on gas burners, then forming them over matched wooden dies using a huge foot press. The process was crude but effective, and marked the birth of thermoforming.

Though technologies and methods have evolved, Plaxall has remained a leader in the industry since those first domes were produced.

The wood molds of the 1930’s have been replaced by today’s precision cut aluminum dies, gas burners have given way to precision heating elements, and historic foot pedals have been replaced with computer controlled hydraulic cylinders. With each innovation and modernization, Plaxall’s equipment and techniques have remained on the cutting edge of thermoformers. Utilizing the latest tools products are digitized in our Renishaw Digitizer, designed in Pro/Engineer, and cut in our Haas CNC Machines.

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