Packaging Types

Thermoformed POP Displays

Thermoformed POP Displays, also known as a point of purchase displays, are used to showcase your products. With the help of a custom countertop display manufactured by Plaxall, you can increase sales figures without hurting your bottom line. That's because vacuum forming is an inexpensive method of producing high quality plastic products. This makes it an ideal choice for both small and large orders. Our highly skilled staff will design, tool, and produce a thermoformed POP display that is perfect for your needs.

Thermoformed POP displays can accentuate the presentation of an advertised product. For instance, POP display trays can be used to sell items at the register, in a glass display case, or an aisle display. The plastic countertop displays become part of your branding initiative, making your products that much more recognizable.

Thermoformed POP displays are an excellent source of advertising. By placing your products on a display designed and manufactured by Plaxall, you are sure to get the visibility YOU desired. If you would like more information on other types of packaging, Contact Plaxall.

Packaging Options

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Packaging Options

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