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Plastic Shipping Tray's

Plastic shipping tray's are vital to product safety during transport. Used in virtually all industries, thermoformed shipping tray's are a cost effective way to protect your products during shipment. Shipping Tray's are stackable, allowing for simple and efficient storage.

Plastic shipping tray's are used in various industries including for plastic food packaging. Tray's are ideal for both bulk packaged products and products shipped in smaller quantities. When manufacturing industrial shipping tray's, thicker plastics can be used to accommodate heavier loads. If required reinforcements can be incorporated into the tray's design. Because plastic shipping tray's are lightweight, shipping costs associated with your product are not increased. The end result is a cost effective, yet strong shipping solution. Tray's can be produced in sizes up to 37"(L) x 27"(W) x 5.5"(H). With the ability to produce cost effective tray's in almost any shape and size, Plaxall is your ideal choice for plastic shipping tray's.

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