Industries Served

With more than 70 years in the thermoforming industry, Plaxall has designed and produced innumerable thermoformed products. Some of the packaging types we manufacture include:

  • Closures and Cups
  • Medical Disposables
  • Continuous Strip Forms

Plaxall offers skilled design, expert model making, precision tooling, extruding and cutting edge pressure forming Under One Roof. Because all stages of the design and production process are handled in house Plaxall is able to provide you, the customer, with uninterrupted production, precision quality and highly competitive pricing. We cater to all size businesses and production runs. For more information on industries we commonly serve please see below. For a closer look at the design and manufacturing process see: From Pellet to product.


Plaxall has designed and produced countless retail packages for its customers. Whether it is a clamshell, trifold, blister, tray and cover, insert, slideplax, or POP display Plaxall will create a retail package that's right for you. Utilizing a vast array of plastics, smooth or flocked, Plaxall will produce exactly what you need to display your product effectively. Click here to view retail product samples


Plaxall is an expert in designing industrial shipping trays, inserts, dividers, and other packages and packaging components. From specially designed trays for shipping delicate metal stampings for Intel to heavy-duty industrial trays for Dupont, we have the experience and capability to create a package that meets its customers industrial packaging requirements. Click here to view industrial packaging samples

Medical / Pharmaceutical

From syringe trays to pharmaceutical blister packs to medical waste disposal containers, Plaxall has the capability and experience to design and produce a package to suit your medical or pharmaceutical requirements. To meet stringent cleanliness requirements, we maintain a separate clean room production facility with special inspection stations equipped with ionized air blowers. We also use enclosed black light tables for secondary quality control inspection of finished parts. Each carton that we produce is labeled with a unique tracking number that allows us to determine date and time of production and raw material lot. We work with each customer to develop a customized quality control program to meet that customer's specific quality requirements. Click here to view medical and pharmaceutical packaging samples


Plaxall is a leader in thermoformed packaging for the cosmetics industry. As a producer of packages for many of the major cosmetic houses, we know what it takes to meet the rigorous quality requirements and timetables these customers demand. Whether you require a flocked insert for a setup box, a sealed bottom platform with a cover, or a countertop display, Plaxall will design and produce a package that's right for you. Click here to view cosmetic packaging samples


Plaxall produces custom packaging for a variety of food products including; desert trays, candy trays, cake trays and lids, ice cream and candy molds, and a complete line of plastic plates and bowls. We use only FDAapproved materials in our food packages and apply strict quality controls and inspection procedures toassure that we produce only top quality food packaging for our customers. With more than 70 years in the thermoforming industry, Plaxall has the experience and capability to design and produce a package for your food product that's right for you. Click here to view food packaging samples