About Plaxall

"From Pellet To Product"

Learn how plastic pellets become your custom thermoformed plastic package!

Raw Material

The thermoforming process begins with a plastic pellet. Purchased in high volumes, pelletized resins are stored in computer-monitored silos, insuring that we always have enough raw materials on hand.

Extrusion Department

Plaxall extrudes plastics to the required size and thickness of each product. By extruding "in house" Plaxall is able to eliminate production delays, insure maximum savings, and provide prompt delivery. Materials extruded by Plaxall include polystyrene, polyethylene, and polypropylene.

Advanced Design and Engineering

Plaxall's staff provides an unmatched depth of thermoforming experience. Our staff leads clients thru evaluating design concepts and selecting the proper materials. When designing product packaging we generate a computer model of the product on our Renishaw Digitizer: allowing us to design a package with the best fit possible. Using advanced CAD technologies like Pro/Engineer, sectional drawings and isometric views can be quickly produced and submitted for customer review.

Model Shop

Inside Plaxall's fully equipped model shop, your design concepts are transformed into professionally finished prototypes. These models are evaluated and tested prior to final tooling and setting up full production. This additional step ensures customer satisfaction while decreasing tooling and production costs.

Machine Shop

Plaxall precision tool matched dies, male or female, with or without assist, are produced "in house" by master toolmakers using the latest CNC technologies. Utilizing 5-Axis Haas CNC machines we are able to produce tooling for any product. We can machine materials up to 50"(L) x 26"(W) x 20"(H).


Operating around the clock, Plaxall's high-speed presses automatically index, thermoform, trim and stack product on a continuous basis. Plaxall's "in-line" method combined with Statistical Process Control (SPC) assures production speed. We are able to thermoform materials up to 37"(L) x 27"(W) x 5.5"(H) and up to 1/8" material thickness.

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