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Custom Vacuum Forming

Custom Vacuum forming, commonly referred to as vacuumforming, is a version of thermoforming. A sheet of plastic is heated, stretched onto or into a mold, and held against the mold by applying vacuum between the mold surface and the sheet. Because of the methods versatility it is possible to make many different products. Custom Vacuumforming is ideally suited for mass produced items such as product packaging.

Plastic composition must be carefully monitored to prevent forming defects. Plaxall has an in-house extrusion department, insuring the finest quality material. Plastic sheets can be extruded to the necessary color and thickness for any production run. The thickness of a product varies based on the clients requirements, so product specifications are taken into account when extruding the plastic sheets. Custom vacuum forming is suitable for products up to 1/8 inch material thickness.

Custom vacuum forming is a skill. It requires both research and experience. With more than 70 years experience in vaccum forming Plaxall has the expertise to provide your company with the quality products you demand.

From Pellet to Product

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